The Valder Yachts designs are a development of the previous 17m and 18m asymmetric, foil assisted cats designed by Roger Hill. The hull shape best suited for a foil assisted yacht is without doubt, asymmetric. The Inner chine is brought closer to the keel line allowing for a lower foil attachment position. This places the foil deeper in the water, without compromising the hull geometry.

C.F.D analysis tools

Speed at our core

The carbon foil design has been developed utilising the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This software is an analysis tool for evaluating performance and sea keeping characteristics. The Valder Yachts foil has a target speed of 50 knots, with an optimum efficiency for fuel savings in the 20 to 30-knot range.

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M.A.N v12 1550hp


The traditional method of construction and interior fitout is through the transom. This quickly becomes a congested thoroughfare for the construction team, causing a delay in the build process.

At Valder Yachts, the construction of our vessels is completed with the topsides left off. This allows unrestricted access to the interior on both sides of the vessel.

Using the latest 3D computer aided design and CNC machining ensures unparalleled precision, in-conjunction with modern materials and construction techniques we can construct Valder Yachts with more efficiency than traditional methods.


Carbon-fibre has an incredible strength to weight ratio and can be employed in a multitude of marine applications. For example, it can be laid to form complex geometry impossible to achieve with traditional forms of boatbuilding.


Valder Yachts undergo a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for the engineering of components. This ensures the lightest of vessels are safe for fast ocean cruising.


Carbon fibre is renowned for its tensile strength. It is one of the strongest fibres on the market.


Carbon is naturally resistant to oxidization. This makes it well suited to the harsh salt environment in which these boats play.

Bringing revolutionary style to yacht aesthetics

Following along the lines of the luxury car industry, Carbon Cats has taken a whole new direction when itcomes to designing luxury motor yachts in New Zealand. Clear coated exterior surfaces, exquisite leather work and sleek interior finishes with stain carbon trims. Say goodbye to bow rails, hello to free-flowing aesthetics. The traditional polished stainless brightwork has been superseded with matt black. The presentation is a snappy clean finish.

Designed for the most efficient use of space

Compared to a similar length monohull, the Valder Yacht 20m offers 20% more accommodation volume. Not only are the internal spaces larger, so to the cockpit and deck areas.

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Designed for the most efficient use of space

Elite Interiors

We build Valder Yachts to be bespoke with an interior that is tailored for every owner. The interior lower deck has four very comfortable staterooms with ensuite bathrooms. The full-width forward owner's cabin with king size bed is a characteristic of larger power cats. The main deck living is very 'open plan' with a seamless transition between the interior and the cockpit.

Kiwi ingenuity

Most of the work these days is centred around high-performance power cats and keeping up with current trends of foil assisted boats that push the boundaries from a speed and efficiency point of view. The team also produces a range of very efficient displacement hull designs and continue to explore design development in hull shapes, propulsion, building methods and materials.


For Valder Yachts to set the benchmark for speed and fuel efficiencies when cruising, a foil must be implemented to aid in reducing drag. Multiple foil designs and methods of implementation have been explored, analysing their different lift, efficiency, and pressure distribution characteristics. The foil chosen can produce 20 tons of lift at cruising speeds effectively halving the vessels displacement with a considerable reduction in wetted surface area.

foil assisted cats designed by roger hill


Valder Yachts has brought together the best in the business with no expense spared. Building a masterpiece requires a dedicated and committed team of artisans, who are passionate about their craft. From world leading designer Roger Hill to Scott Lane Boat Builders, one of New Zealand's most prestigious luxury power boat manufacturers.

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M.A.N v12 1550hp


Valder Yachts represent a yachting renaissance, bringing back old core values coupled with modern-day trends and styling where architectural form meets craftsmanship. Soft interiors are complemented with modern materials and durable surfaces, presenting a simply timeless style.

ground breaking yachts


To give you more time for enjoying the things that you love, by delivering fast motor yachts, with a support network that you can trust.

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